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Barnardos Australian Mother of the Year 2007

Barnardos Victorian Mother of the Year 2007, Joanne Thornburn, attended the final award ceremony announcing Barnardos Australian Mother of the Year.

The ceremony was held last night in Sydney.

Victoria's Mother of the Year, Joanne Thornburn from Avondale Heights came up against top-contending-State-finalist-Mums Natasha 'the fosterer' Crofts (NSW), Kelly 'four corners' Hayduk (ACT), Gina 'warrior' Timms (TAS), Jillian 'make ends meet' Pink (SA), Charmaine 'in a shoe' Michon (WA), Johanna 'the nana' Daby (NT), and Priscilla 'T2' Tilcock (QLD). (Nicknames are unofficial representatives of contending mother's hero qualities and have not been approved by any official channels.)

Joanne was originally nominated by her own mother for being a super mum who has a rare medical disease raises two autistic boys and in her spare time has completed two Bachelors and a Graduate Diploma.

Butunfortunately that wasn't enough to take out the title of Barnardos Australian Mother of the Year. The victory went to Natasha 'the fosterer' Crofts, who has lovingly fosteredover 50 children.For her efforts she won a brand new Ford Fiesta and a Murray River Cruise.

But regardless of who the official winner was, with mums like these we're all winners. And we all know that our own mum's don't have to be Wonder Women or win new cars to be the centre of attention this weekend, although it would be very nifty.

Congratulations to Barnardos Australia's Mother of the Year 2007 Natasha Crofts, and to all mothers everywhere.

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Barnardos Australian Mother of the Year 2007

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