Karma Kringles for Christmas

Karma Kringles for Christmas - Give the gift of giving

Karma Kringles for Christmas

Every Christmas over $1 billion of wanted gifts ends up in landfill But this year you can give a gift that can clear landmines, find cures for cancer, educate minds, rescue whales and more&8230 With Karma Kringles.

Karma what

Brought to you by the innovative, non profit website, Karma Kringles are Australia&8217s first tax deductible Charity Gift Vouchers.

Theyre 100% tax deductible, 100% eco-friendly and 100% good karma.

Simply purchase a charity gift voucher online, print it out and pop it under the tree.

Then, the recipient gets to give that to the charity closest to their heart. And with 100&8217s of charities including UNICEF, CARE, PLAN, WORLD VISION, OXFAM, RSPCA, WSPA and 1000&8217s of ethical gifts, there&8217s sure to be something for everyone.

For more information please see www.karmacurrency.org

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Karma Kringles for Christmas - Give the gift of giving

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