Fair-trade + ethical festival


Visitors to the Fair@Square fair-trade+ethical festival will be treated to a fabulous variety of entertainment, including live musical acts, fashion shows, interactive presentations, lifestyle workshops such children's activities and shopping opportunities.

Fair@Square fair-trade+ethical festival is a free public event promoting fair and ethical trade in an engaging and inspiring way.


Attending the Fair@Square festival

This event is free to the public.

Fair@Square fair-trade + ethical festival 2011 will provide you with the tools to broaden your knowledge about Fair Trade and Ethical Business and give you, the consumer, the opportunity to find out how you can help to reduce poverty by your purchasing choices.

Come and join us for an amazing shopping experience where everything you buy has a story or come along to experience the activities and celebrations on the day.

Fair Trading

More than 80 colourful stalls featuring fair trade and ethically produced goods

from around the globe. Fair trade, organic and culturally diverse products will be on sale here. Fair Trading is a vibrant environment, which will give consumers the opportunity to learn about and support producers with socially and environmentally sustainable products. In an attractive and welcoming environment, shoppers will gain further understanding of ethical production processes and on how to make their

decisions as consumers count.

Fair Indulgence Tent

Here food lovers will be able to enjoy a delicious feast and at the same time learn about different aspects of ethical and fair trade production of food. Cultural elements of food will be shown through demonstration of ceremonies, rituals and traditions.

Fair Living Tent

Fair Living focuses on home and lifestyle. It features a walk-through display demonstrating what an ethical home could look like, filled with ethically produced homewares, clothes and toys, fair trade consumables and furniture

made with wood from sustainable forests. The aim of the display is to highlight the availability and accessibility of these products and to inspire attendees to think sustainably when it comes to their own home interior choices.

Fair Play Tent

This tent will feature a well-designed program to encourage children to start thinking critically about their choices as consumers. It fosters cross-cultural interest and understanding, setting children on the path to future peace building through education. Fair Play encourages participation from children of all ages, stimulates creativity via workshops and provides a learning journey via engaging and fun activities.

Fair Fashion Show

The Fair Fashion show will present the work of emerging local artists and designers involved in ethical projects. It will host works developed by students from local schools and tertiary institutions, the results of Moral Fairground's collaborative effort with teachers to incorporate fair trade into student learning activities. This will be a culturally rich and engaging show, boasting local talent, presented within the context of broader global issues. Tickets on sale on 1 October 2011.

Fair Entertainment

Enjoy a showcase of performances from new, culturally diverse artists, spanning contemporary and traditional genres. Fair Entertainment will provide a forum for artists to express themselves via their music while providing a wonderful soundtrack for the festival.

Fair Talk Tent

Speakers and presentations in this tent will give festival participants the opportunity

to learn from and interact with a variety of people actively engaged in fair trade and ethical enterprises. In an intellectually stimulating atmosphere attendees will hear about the complexities of production and consumption decisions and gain information to assist in their own decision making.

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