Cancer Council Victoria Daffodil Ball

Cancer Council Victoria Daffodil Ball

The Cancer Council Victoria Daffodil Ball, organised by the Young People's Committee, is on in September.

The Daffodil Ball is the funkiest youth event put on for Daffodil Day and is held a week after, being a black tie event with a touch of daffodil.

Like all other years there will be a haven of entertainment, fun, frivolity, drinks and many canapes.

The Ball is a massive event, selling out to capacity every year. So, this year there will be an extra 200 tickets courtesy of a venue upgrade to the Melbourne Docklands. So if you've always wanted to go but have constantly missed out then this year is your best chance to grab some of those extra tickets.

The Daffodil Ball has been running since its first success in 1995 and is now in its 13th year. Over that time all the proceeds raised from the Daffodil Ball have accumulated to a whopping $1.4 million, all of which goes toward The Cancer Council Victoria, helping people affected by cancer, helping to prevent cancer and detect it early, advocating for better health, conducting effective research and raising funds for cancer research, education, prevention, and patient support programs.

The 2007 Cancer Council Victoria Daffodil Ball is on September 1, at Harvour Esplanade in the Docklands. Tickets go on sale July at $120 a pop.

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Cancer Council Victoria Daffodil Ball

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