Breast Cancer Mammograms

Breast Cancer site free mammograms

The breast cancer site is offering free mammograms for underprivileged women, but they need daily clicks and visits to make this possible.

June is breast cancer survivor month and the breast cancer site needs to achieve 6 million clicks for sponsors to donate $20 000 for free mammograms.

It takes less than a minute to visit and use your net trigger finger to support the mammogram program and it won't cost you a thing (other then the aforementioned minute of your very valuable life).

However, for anyone that doesn't have a spare minute and knows someone else who does, there are a couple of ways to palm it off onto them. You can send an e-card, download a pdf of the breast cancer survivor flyer or purchase some lovely breast cancer site apparel, wear it and wait for the flocks of interested people to ask you how they can help.

Alternatively, if none of that sparks an interest, you could always shop around in their store and buy jewelry, gardening toolsand bags, or you could simply make a secure online contribution.

Whatever you decide to do, the breast cancer site, providing free mammograms for underprivileged women, welcomes your supportfor breast cancer survivor month.

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Breast Cancer site free mammograms

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