Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, organised by The Cancer Council, is on again throughout the month of May, with the official date being May 24.

Join Neighbours, friends, family, school chums, work mates, Olympic swimmers, TV sports commentators and maybe even an elephant and get together to enjoy a lovely cuppa, some fluffy pancakes, a bit of bacon and eggs or a delightfully fresh fruit salad, all for a great cause.

This year's Morning Tea will feature an official cup designed by Ken Done and, continuing on from last year's successful inauguration, an annual tea pot competition. But get in quick. You must register your unique or eccentrically intricate pouring vessel by April 27, this Friday.

Its fun and easy to get involved. And contradictory to it's official name, you can host a Morning Tea at any time of the day during the month of May. Although if it's a dinner youre hosting, you may want to serve more than just a cup of coffee and bowl of Weet-Bix with milk.

If you're a bit of a party starter and you want to host a Morning Tea you can download the whole kit and caboodle from the Cancer Council website. Then register online, invite your party guests, and raise as much money as you can to support the fight against cancer.

Australias Biggest Morning Tea run by The Cancer Council, last year raised $1.38 in Melbourne and $7.7 million nation wide.

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Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

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